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Friday, June 20, 2014

'Touristy' Things

Yesterday we started the day with a final safari and then after cleaning up we began our journey to Nairobi. I have a new understanding of grace. The lodge turns the electricity off at 9 am everyday and doesn't turn it back on until later in the afternoon. Because we were a little late getting in from the safari they left the electricity on a little longer for us! Thank goodness!

During the end of the safari we found a family of lions - 5 lions, 3 lioness and 2 cubs. Wow! They were hiding in the bushes but our tour guides spotted them and took off across the field and through the bushes so we could get a close up view. Some of you may not realize that we come in to Kenya on a tourist visa and have to show we are going to do 'touristy' things - that's why we end the trip with a safari.

A cell tower made to look like a tree in the middle of the game reserve.

Up close with the animals.  That's Steve, Vicki, and Belle in the van.

The giraffes never make a sound. They are always on the look out.
The hippos are huge!

The long journey to Nairobi took longer than expected due to a traffic jam along the side of a mountain. There was some over size road equipment causing problems and then there was a bad car wreck. We finally arrived at the CHAK (Christian Health Alliance of Kenya) House for supper and to spend the night. Supper was interesting with bugs flying all around the dining room. The doors to the dining room were open to help with air flow so..... Explains the bugs. I haven't seen a thermostat yet on this trip. No air or heat or fans. We have been very blessed with the temperatures on this trip.

Our rooms here actually have a tv, and I turned it on for the first time since leaving on this journey. The choices in English were a show about bee keeping or Dr. Phil.

Today we will be checking out at 9 am and touring Nairobi. One if the places we are scheduled to visit today is an elephant orphanage. I wonder if I can adopt one and bring it home? Our flight leaves at 11:40 tonight so it will be a very long day for us and then a long flight home.

I'm ready to come home and see everyone and enjoy the comforts of home. I'm ready to return and share my journey.

There's no place like home!


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